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Les & Carol Coughlan


One year ago I was a 50-year-old guy with newly-discovered health issues.  I suddenly had very high blood pressure, sore knees, and was never happy looking at my reflection in the mirror. I wore loose clothes to hide how my body looked and I never smiled in pictures.

My doctor wanted me to deal with the high blood pressure in a hurry with medication, but I have never taken medications unless I absolutely had to.  That was when I met Teresa Funk. She was a certified fitness trainer—but more importantly, a holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle coach.  Teresa walked my wife Carol and I through a planned lifestyle change.  We spent the first few months learning how to prepare and eat a well-balanced diet.  We lost a ton of weight and felt healthier every day.  Exercise and a more active lifestyle began.

A Year of Learning to Live Well

One year later, Carol and I have never been as happy or as healthy.  I play hockey competitively again. I water ski as much as I can after giving it up years ago. I curl in the winter and try new activities any time I’m asked.  I honestly feel 20 years younger! My blood pressure is normal and healthy without the medications my doctor recommended.  I did not need them and never even started taking them.

The best part of this journey is that Carol and I made the trip together.  We have lost a combined 90 lbs and continue to work out and spend time together.


Our Journey Continues

It’s a lifestyle change that anyone can make, and I urge all my friends who are where Carol and I were after raising our fine family to call Teresa.  Life is good!

Les Coughlan


Nia Cee


I came in to this program with these three main goals: to gain healthy weight, know which foods to shop for when grocery shopping, and being able to make healthy meal choices

Teresa was able to help me work towards these goal by giving me the knowledge required to live a healthy lifestyle. She really takes the time to get to know you so that your individual needs are met. I was having the most trouble with grocery shopping and knowing what to put into my cart. Teresa took me to the grocery store and walked me through each aisle and showed me what ingredients to look for and what ingredients to avoid.

The most significant change is my energy level. I have made it a habit to eat breakfast now after Teresa made me realize just how important that first meal is.

I would describe Teresa as a friend. She really cares about her clients and makes them feel comfortable.

I really feel like a new person after this 6 month program with Teresa. I feel healthier and happier. Every other Monday morning I left our meetings feeling motivated and ready to take on the week. Thank you very much Teresa I appreciate everything!


More Testimonies

Thank you so very much for all the help and guidance you have given me on my journey to better health. I really didn’t know where to start, but with your knowledge and expertise in both nutrition and exercise I am happily on my way to “shaping up”! I could not have done this without your excellent guidance and encouragement.
— Doreen Larrivee
Thank you so much!! I was so happy when I got to work I made notes on what we did so that I wouldn’t forget. I had tons of energy and it made my day at work.

Thank you Teresa! I know I keep saying this, but I am so thank for have turned my life around which has spilled into many areas of me life. I feel so much better and I want so much to be better. I loved the workout and how you pushed me and believe in me - it really means so much. Its pretty incredible motivation just being with someone who is in such great shape and looks so amazing - helping me and teaching me.... so much so that I’m feeling way more comfortable and confident in the gym.

Thank YOU!!
— Julie Dedecker

I think you were right that my motivation is internal and I think you have taught me what I need. I now just have to do it! . I’m sure we’ll be in touch again though and HUGE THANKS to you for getting me on track!
— Melissa Taylor
Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement. The truth is I would have never been able to attain my weight loss if it weren’t for you.  Your guidance and patience encouraged me to keep going. You are truly motivational. It is so surprising to me that some so that looks as good as you does not even have an ounce of arrogance. You are so approachable and supportive that you make everyone feel so comfortable. Thank you for putting up with my constant telephone calls and questions. See you soon.
— Raman
I don’t want to sound corny or silly, but I truly feel like I’m making an much needed change in my life.  I have left the gym both days feeling great, you are an incredible instructor and make me feel comfortable in the gym.
I’m so looking forward to next week!
Thank you for helping me!
— Christine Halsey