My Story


My nutritional enlightenment began at a really young age. I was 18 years old and dealing with feelings of depression. I started understanding that loving myself was the first thing I needed to do to really understand how I was going to live an amazing life! Unfortunately, I didn’t practice self-love until much later on in life as I was also struggling with a diagnosed eating disorder. I got a lot of help and I had a lot of work to do. 

I crossed paths with a wonderful clinical therapist who helped me and impacted me in my early adulthood. This woman, helper, and healer who helped me discover my courage and strength made me realize that I needed to heal spiritually and emotionally, and eat healing foods that would help me to overcome my battle with depression and negative behaviours. Wow did I learn a lot! I was more ready to cope with life. She deserves so much credit for helping me appreciate life and the people in it, and learn to receive and accept love and the gift of abundance of giving love back.