My Story (Continued)


My nutritional enlightenment began at a really young age. I was 18 years old and dealing with feelings of depression. I started understanding that loving myself was the first thing I needed to do to really understand how I was going to live an amazing life! Unfortunately, I didn’t practice self-love until much later on in life as I was also struggling with a diagnosed eating disorder. I got a lot of help and I had a lot of work to do. 

I crossed paths with a wonderful clinical therapist who helped me and impacted me in my early adulthood. This woman, helper, and healer who helped me discover my courage and strength made me realize that I needed to heal spiritually and emotionally, and eat healing foods that would help me to overcome my battle with depression and negative behaviours. Wow did I learn a lot! I was more ready to cope with life. She deserves so much credit for helping me appreciate life and the people in it, and learn to receive and accept love and the gift of abundance of giving love back. 


I became a mother of two wonderful children. As most moms would understand, I was exhausted and feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time. I still needed to understand more about nutrition and how it was affecting my energy levels and was still dealing with depression and the eating disorder that I hid. I was a breastfeeding mom for 2 years with both of my babies and I didn’t connect how my nutrition not only affected me but my nursing children. My first born was very colicky and suffered a copious amount of ear infections which lead to the overuse of antibiotics! I can honestly say I was ignorant of the consequences for him, but that’s another story! Oh man… I think a lot of mothers can relate to this!

I was so fed up with my son being sick all the time and not knowing how to help him. I was also getting tired of the same game I would play with myself by acting disinterested and fearful with food. I finally realized that I needed to be healthy for me and for my children! It was detrimental to my health and there was no other alternative but to get real with myself and begin some real work and real healing.

I researched and sought out a few naturopathic healers and mental health/eating disorder therapists to help me learn and understand the importance of whole foods so that I could feed myself and my kids properly. It was also evident that nutrition went way beyond an obsession with being thin and not wanting to touch or eat food for fear of gaining weight. With a lot of help I finally had an awakening. The truth behind real whole foods was revealed and I gained awareness about how food helped me with my struggle with depression and eating disorder. I also learned that food’s healing properties could get me to a healthy and manageable weight. 


My kids are now young adults and much healthier because I became educated, asked questions, and didn’t settle for mediocre. I am now more aware of my triggers if I find myself becoming complacent with my food choices. I made a choice for my family to bridge the gap between Integrative Medicine and Western Medicine. I consider both to have high value and are wonderful and necessary. Eventually I developed a deeper and healthier mindset, a love for food again, and a healthy body and soul. . . . This is “My Real Life”. Now I want to learn all about yours!

Working through “My Real Life” has truly helped me to understand what my calling in life has become as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and Counsellor. I want to share and spend my life in a career helping struggling individuals with their relationship with food and teach them how to nourish themselves properly by eating natural whole foods and finding balance in life. 

I use a system called Primary and Secondary Foods, which in my practice is referred to as the “Full Circle of Life”. This helps individuals understand the connections in real life and how they affect our decisions to nourish ourselves nutritionally and mentally. 

I absolutely LOVE my vocation and feel so GRATEFUL to be serving so many people in my practice!

When you share with Humanity, you are sharing your Love Light!

Expose Your Love Light through Natural Whole Foods and finding more balance in Life with me!

Rejuvenate Yourself Today!